Organizing Documents, No Reading Necessary

The most time consuming and expensive part of discovery is the process of reviewing documents. Existing approaches to reducing that time and cost involve finding ways to identify a sub-set of documents for a review team to read and tag. But all of those methods still require the reading of many thousands of documents to be effective.

That’s not good enough.

Percognate Server lets you automatically organize and tag your documents without the need to read even 1% of them. It’s fast, easy, and defensible. Stop wasting time on reading documents. Really.

Breakthrough Performance and Accuracy

Percognate Server’s unique predictive analytics platform enables the addition of automatic document tagging into any review workflow, using any existing review software. Unlike other assisted review technologies, Percognate Server was designed from the ground up to be integrated into your existing infrastructure, using the tools and workflow that you and your clients want. Reviewers and case leads can take advantage of our simple reporting and topic visualization tools to quickly mark data and understand what’s in their documents. Or use your existing review tools and let our blazing fast servers do predictions in the background.

With Percognate Server, each matter gets it’s own data space, which keeps their information secure by leaving the documents in place and minimizing the footprint on your infrastructure.


Reuse of predictive models across multiple matters for your clients

Our advanced algorithms learn about your clients, their data, and their custodians over time. Not only can it understand new matters quickly, it can allow early case assessments to be performed with no document review at all!

Classifies responsiveness, privilege, and any other category

Common predictive coding packages do a reasonable job dealing with responsiveness. However, their accuracy diminishes quickly when trying to determine privilege and other complex concepts. Percognate Server is just as fast and accurate with predicting which documents are privileged as we are with responsiveness.

Generate predictions for an entire matter in minutes

We started our design process with explicit support for tomorrow’s large data volumes, not yesterday’s matters. You get predictions generated in minutes for your entire matter.

Distributed across servers as your needs grow

Our flexible server architecture works on simple, common computing infrastructure. It can be run locally or in the cloud with best-of-breed technology like AWS or Azure. If your data volumes grow, you can easily add more computing power without needing to go through costly re-architecture processes or buying expensive hardware.